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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a great long term solution for those who have chipped, cracked, or weak teeth. Crowns, often referred to as caps, are essentially that for your teeth. When your tooth is cracked or a little chipped, we mold a top for it that fits in well with your smile and bite pattern. Then the cap is applied to cover the entirety of your original tooth.

What are dental crowns?

When the health of a tooth is compromised due to extensive decay, a large existing filling, or a crack, then dental crowns, or caps, may be recommended to relieve pain and prevent further damage. The crown materials look and feel like real teeth so you can chew, smile, and speak comfortably again. Crowns provide a long-term treatment option for dental problems such as cracked teeth, severe cavities or worn, aging teeth. They help you live a normal life without discomfort or embarrassment.

What conditions do dental crowns treat?

Dentists use crowns to treat many serious problems including:

  • Cracked teeth

  • Broken teeth

  • Aging teeth

  • Severe cavities

  • Weak teeth (due to fillings or other problems)

  • Stained teeth that cannot be treated with whitening

  • Teeth trauma

Your crown corrects the issue almost instantly and improves the appearance and function of your teeth. The crown may even prevent future problems that could cause you to lose the tooth completely.

How is a dental crown placed?

A dental crown usually takes two office visits. During your first appointment, our dentist will remove cavities or other parts of the tooth that are damaged. A dentist will then take an impression with a computer scanner, which will be used to make a personalized crown. Until your next appointment, you’ll wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth. That is, of course if you went to another dentist in West Roxbury. At Reliant Dental group, we offer same day crown molding right in our office, so you can have your evaluation, cleaning, casting, and placement done all in one fell swoop.

There’s no more waiting on the lab, you’ll feel comfortable when you chew and when you smile again as soon as the day you come in!

Crown VS Fillings

Our dentists use dental crowns because of the advantage they provide over fillings by way of the fact that they are created in our partnered state of the art dental laboratory. Our lab technician examines your 3-D scan, checking for the correct bite and jaw movements, and form a proper reconstruction of the original tooth. Unfortunately, fillings must be sculpted while you sit in the chair which may not be as accurate as dental crowns.

See what dental treatment is right for you, and come into the Reliant Dental Group practice in West Roxbury today!