Dentist starting teeth whitening procedu

In-Office Whitening

Let us put the sparkle back into your smile! In-office whitening is easy and noninvasive. You can remove years of stains from your teeth in a single, one hour visit.

Your lifestyle appears on the teeth; years of drinking tea, coffee, red wine, soda, as well as smoking, can darken and yellow your teeth. Let us put the sparkle back into your smile!

What to expect ( 1 Hour treatment )

Brief sensitivity will occur for everyone, but it will not last long. Brushing with toothpastes, such as Sensodyne, will help to alleviate the sensitivity as well as staying away from foods at extreme temperatures.

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After a cleaning and examination have been completed with our doctors, we will prepare you for a whitening procedure. A hydrogen peroxide gel will be evenly and carefully applied to your teeth, taking careful precautions to avoid the gums. The gel will be left on the teeth for 15 minute intervals and then washed away. After two to three intervals of 15 minutes, your teeth will have lifted three to four levels on the shade guide.